Aspire USB eGo Charger

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Aspire USB eGo Charger

The Aspire USB Charger cable can be used with any Aspire CF batteries (as well as most eGo style batteries). This is the genuine Aspire USB Charger Cable. This Aspire USB Charger cable has a nice Aspire logo on it that is backlit with a red and green LED to indicate charging and charged status.

The Aspire USB Charger cable comes in 2 different amperage output:

  • 500 mA for the Aspire CF VV Batteries
  • 1000 mA for the Aspire ESP 30W battery


  • Input: DC 5V
  • Output: DC 4.2V & 500mA or 1000 mA


  • The Aspire USB cable 500mA is for all Aspire CF batteries
  • The Aspire USB cable 1000mA is for the Aspire ESP 30W
  • To charge your Aspire battery simply plug this USB cable to your computer or wall adapter and connect it to your battery.