I started West Coast Clouds because I found it particularly difficult to find flavors that really encouraged me to make the switch from smoking traditional cigarettes. Creating flavors was something I did for friends who had also just started the transition from smoking and that passion grew as I combined my background in digital media and business, thrusting me into the world of vaping and birthing West Coast Clouds.
As with any business, over the last 4 years, I have learned a LOT about not only the market itself but also how to run an online business that can keep up with the challenges that may be presented. In my second year of West Coast Clouds, we had broken into the eastern market in Ontario and several shops across Canada. Demand grew out of control, and I had my first defeat, succumbing to my inability to keep up as a one-man operation. I had to try and mend relationships and keep faith alive but it seemed all hope was lost as I myself had also felt defeated.
As the next year went on, I would commit to saving up as much money as I can to start building a lab that can handle more volume and keep up with these types of demands in this market. Jumping the gun a little too early, I began to get production going again but it was not long before I couldn’t afford the overhead is now running a bigger operation and still only being a one-man production. Once again, failure came, but I reminded myself to fail forward. Knowing now that its a huge uphill battle to gain momentum again, and several years have passed which means a more saturated market.
Over the next year, I worked several jobs and met with as many business-oriented folks as possible both IN the industry and outside of the industry. Food & Beverage is very similar in a way, and I tried to absorb as much of that experience as I could.
One thing I noticed immediately was the price of commercial juice. It was through the roof! I've seen some markups as high as 3000%. That is just insane! This motivated me and gave me a new mission statement for West Coast Clouds: AFFORDABLE eJuice with a large selection that actually tastes great!
Thus leading us to 2018. West Coast Clouds now partners with a Maple Leaf Vapes to produce all of our final products. The lab is ISO 7 compliant, and also features an ISO 8 room as well. Our labels are CCCR Compliant and feature the Chubby Gorilla branded bottles.


FREE SHIPPING on all Canadian orders of two or more bottles of e-liquid.

Made In Canada

Packaged in a certified ISO 14644:2015 clean room and laboratory facility located in London, ON.


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