Stop Overpaying for eJuice! 1500% Markup is Ridiculous! 

Did you know that most eJuice has a 400% - 600% markup on wholesale orders, and roughly 1500% - 1800% markup for those big juice companies manufacturing it and selling it online. 

This is based off material costs only, not factoring in overhead or labor beyond filling bottles and applying labels and heat seals.

The margins are insane, to say the least. There are not many industries with that much of a markup. 

Our goal is to try and make our juice as cheap as possible but still fucking deliciously amazing! We don't have a huge budget, and we don't make a lot of money, but hey, this is about the eJuice, not the fancy boxes and packages. Don't get me wrong, great designed labels are an absolute must, and I design all of our labels myself to save on costs. 

What are you waiting for? Check out our Sample Pack (4 x 30ml bottles) for only $16.99!!! That's 120ml for less than 20 bucks! 



FREE SHIPPING on all Canadian orders of two or more bottles of e-liquid.

Made In Canada

Packaged in a certified ISO 14644:2015 clean room and laboratory facility located in London, ON.


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