Welcome to West Coast Clouds

Since it's your first time here, we know the biggest question is, will you like our Canadian ejuice? Well here's the deal:

We've already priced our product super low, because, honestly, why on earth should you have to pay 2000% markup for ejuice? But, we know that's still not enough to convince you to spend your hard earned money with us, so we have decided to offer all NEW customers, a special, killer priced sample pack. 

For the price of about two Starbucks coffees, you can get our sample pack of 5 x 30ml bottles. That's 150ml of juice for only $17! 

Choose from a variety of flavor styles for your sample pack. We've got Sweet and Fruity, Desserts and Cereals from the Bakery, and an entire line based off of our most popular flavor, Nebula, which is a delicious blend of blueberries and a raspberry slushie. 

To top it off, shipping is only $11.99 and we offer FREE shipping on orders over $80. As we grow we will try our damned hardest to eventually offer 4.99 shipping, as it has always been a goal of mine to get shipping down to that price point. 

Thanks for giving us a chance to earn your business. We have a lot of fun things planned and hope you'll be with us along the way. Make your selection below:




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