The Cheapest E-Juice Online that still tastes AMAZING!

The Cheapest E-Juice Online that still tastes AMAZING!

  • By - Adam
  • 8 August, 2018

We don't mean to toot our own horn but it's true. We have been told we have some of the best juice available in the world, but our goal is to make sure we have the cheapest ejuice available that tastes delicious! Cheap eJuice is what we are all about. Okay well not CHEAP, but affordable! 

We stepped out of the market for some time and when we returned I was blown away by the number of money people were spending on ejuice for the premium brands. Factor in the fancy labels and boxes, I can understand why things get pricey but is it really necessary? 

We design our own labels and get them printed as cheap as possible to keep costs down. We order as much stock as possible so we can get the bulk discount that the big league guys are getting and do everything we can to make that markup as low as possible! 

It doesn't make sense to spend 100s of dollars every few weeks on eJuice, it should last you way longer than that. In fact, it should be so cheap that you don't mind sharing with your friends. 

Thanks for visiting West Coast Clouds, Canadian eLiquid made in British Columbia! Tap e-Juice from the menu to view more of our lineup! Don't forget to check out the limited edition runs! (The only time you should ever have to pay more for ejuice is supply and demand.) We want to offer you guys new flavors all the time but we obviously can't keep making hundreds of options or we would never be able to keep up! 

Stay tuned for some amazing deals and great juice!