West Coast Clouds OG

The original West Coast Clouds lineup circa 2014, remastered and redesigned packing loads of flavour.

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TBV Fruit Series

Sweet and Fruity, the TBV Fruit series brings all your favourite fruit classics with a spin.

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Baker’s Delight Series

This is what we call the “Dessert Zone”. Decadent sweet treats that will please any dessert lover.

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Products that sell

We are flavour junkies! We aren’t afraid to admit it. But there is more to it than that.

With a background in design and marketing, we’ve created some stunning products that not only taste great but look great too!

The brain is a complex part of the body and things like colours and shapes, when used appropriately, can help a customer choose a product that seems to fit their perception of what that flavour might be inside.

With our line of products, we are sure your customers will love every aspect of their adventure with the experiences.