Welcome To West Coast Clouds

Since it's your first time here, we know the biggest question is, will you like our Canadian juice?

Well here's the deal: Our vision at WCC is to provide affordable e-juice that is also incredibly tasty. Why should you have to pay 2000% markup on your ejuice?

We believe, and have been told, that we have some of the best flavors available in Canada. To extend that confidence, we are taking a big hit and offering all NEW customers a sample pack of 4 x 30ml bottles at a crazy price! We've priced 120ml of juice for only $19! Choose from a variety of flavor styles for your sample pack.

We've got Sweet and Fruity flavors, Desserts and Cereal flavors and an entire line based off of our most popular flavor, Nebula, which is a delicious blend of blueberries and a raspberry slushie.

Choose "The Classics" 4 Pack below or browse our website for other brands and flavors.


10ml bottles for $1.99

If chosen product is out of stock, item will be swapped out for another flavor. Either way, it's a win for you and and loss for me. BUT, we believe in giving back to the community!